Hilary DeCesare is an award winning Business Expert + CEO, esteemed author, and host of The Relaunch Podcast. As a sought-after speaker, founder of The Relaunch Co., and creator of The Fired-Up Entrepreneur signature course, Hilary brings a fresh energy and process to female industry leaders, CEOs, and solopreneurs.

She is widely recognized for her work in neuropsychology as it relates to business and life and holds several certifications in the field. Through her expertise, Hilary has raised millions of dollars in venture capital for many successful startups. She serves on the board of Love in the Mirror and Cal Poly (SLO), where she is a guest lecturer on topics such as Entrepreneurship and Business.

As a loyal philanthropist, Hilary’s been featured on ABC’s hit TV series The Secret Millionaire, where she shared the stories of people who have relaunched from difficult circumstances. Her insights have been seen on NBC and mentioned in The Huffington Post, The Hallmark Channel, Fox and she has been featured in Yahoo Finance.

You might have caught me on ABC's The Secret Millionaire to share my passion for philanthropy, or you might have seen me speak on major new outlets such as CBS, ABC, Fox, Huffington Post and Yahoo, or you might have taken one of my ReLaunch Method courses.

But whether you’ve met or watched me (or not), the one thing you need to know is I know exactly what you are going through, and promise to help YOU get clear on where you’ve been and what you’re taking aim at.

✰ I’ve hit a set-back (and some!) in my life as well… I have a unique understanding of where my clients have been because I’ve been there too! I’m living proof of when you have the right mindset and energy the comeback will always be stronger than the setback!
✰ I took my business successes as a 7 figure business owner and a high level Executive Coach and created the 7 Step ReLaunch Method, to help me take aim at big love, and voila!
✰ I realized after using The ReLaunch Method myself, as well as coaching 1000’s of women in my program, I had discovered a NEW fast-track approach to living the life deep down we all know we deserve – a fueled life, an inspired career, and to have elevated relationships.
✰ I’ve made the commitment to myself and others to help women get unstuck - to hit the restart button in order to rediscover the joy!
✰ My goal is simple… to RELAUNCH you with a new energy and mindset aimed at BIG LOVE in every area of your life… and The ReLaunch Collective is the perfect place to do just that.
As a mother to 3, step-mother to 2 children, and wife to my amazing husband, life in Boulder is filled with an abundance of joy. You can find out more about me at www.therelaunchco.com.

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